With a long history in Vung Tau, Lan Rung has its origins in its dining area which was originally built in colonial times and has always been an escape for the French in Saigon. Today people still flock to Lan Rung for exquisite dining experiences.

In the evening the dining area of Lan Rung transforms into a garden of fairy lights, surrounded by the sound of waves lapping at the shore, people laughing, the clink of glasses, the scent of sizzling foods, and the rush of cool sea breezes through the trees.

With a restaurant that has always been famous for its seafood specialities, you have the option of choosing your seafood from a menu, or, more excitingly, direct from tanks in a miniature lagoon-like area. After your choice is made, enjoy an aperitif by the waves or sneak a peek at your chef preparing your meal in a glass-encased kitchen.

Top quality meat is chosen from the US, Australia and Vietnam, and cooked to perfection.

Choose from a variety of cocktails, wines, beers, juices and sodas, but be sure to try our own-brewed beer, “Bia Nga”, a rich amber lager that compliments any meal.

Stop by our dessert stall to find a variety of options available each day, and if the urge strikes, find a soft-serve ice cream machine nearby.